November 15, 2020 My Dream by Dave Thompson


Dave Thompson


Joel 2:28-32

Acts 2:14-21


I found myself in a country setting of rolling hills and small valleys with tree lines separating the hills. There were other people with me, but no one was familiar to me. A large amount of snow covered the ground.


  1. heard a voice saying, “we are looking for some lost sheep and they should be in this area”. I came to a snowbank and again a voice said, “they should be here”. I immediately moved some of the snow with my hands and found a couple of white lambs that appeared to be dead. Sorrow swept over me and I began to search all the more. I swept away some more snow and I found lambs which again seemed to be dead, but one of them moved ever so slightly. I grabbed it up and held it close to my body inside my coat. It sprang back to life. I was very excited and handed the lamb to a woman close by and said “they are alive, warm them up”.


I took another one from the snow and the same thing happened. I took a third one , this one was a black lamb, and I held it close to my body and it too sprang back to life.


Suddenly, the lambs were in a green pasture with a bright sun shining on them. They were playful and it seemed that everyone was happy and excited about the lambs that were alive.


I went back to the snowbank to try to find the first group of lambs but for some reason, I could not. I felt a great loss and the sorrow was hard to take.


Are we in the last days? I would have to say yes. Look at the many signs, wars and rumors of wars, children turning against their parents, parents harming their children, the unborn being killed for the sake of convenience, floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes. The church is under attack and what is evil is being called good and good is considered evil and intolerant.


So then, what about my dream? Obviously, the lambs are God’s people. Some have died and some are barely alive and have the appearance of being dead. The people searching are the true church. It appears to me that we must not assume that just because we cannot see a Christian life that we can say they are lost. They may have just been so covered with the problems of life as a whole that they are just barely hanging on. We (I) must commit to finding them and personally embracing them and bringing the warmth of God to their cold and weary souls.


This is my interpretation so far. There may be more. It may be for me alone or it may be for New Salem. It may be for all Christians who hear the story of my dream.


The big question is, where do you fit into the dream?


If you are given more interpretation of this dream, I would like to hear it.