April 28, Belief vs. Doubt (Dave Thompson)

Belief vs Doubt

(The battle within)


Belief: a state or habit of the mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing.

Doubt: a feeling of uncertainty or lack conviction.

These two states of mind are absolute opposites. They do not work together for the Christian. We are called Christians because of our belief. We fail in our Christian walk because we doubt.

We say that we believe God’s word but do we really?

John 3:16-21

The scripture is clear, if we believe in the Son (Jesus) we are not condemned. We will not perish, we will have everlasting life. So why is it that some Christians worry about losing their salvation? It is doubt!

Spiritual doubt comes from the darkness, the natural man. It comes from Satan who is called the deceiver. It comes from the misconception that we can earn our salvation by our own good works.

  1. who work for their salvation, doubt the word of God. You either believe or you do not. You believe that Jesus is the Son of God, who died for your sins and paid the ransom for your soul or you do not.

John 6:28-29

If we don’t get this point nailed down there is nothing for us but pain and suffering. The many promises found in the Bible are meant for those who truly believe.

There are no rewards for those who do not believe.

There is no redemption. There is no spiritual healing. There is no truth for those who do not believe.

Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior? If you say yes, then lock it down, do not allow doubt to handicap your service to God.

I said earlier that when we doubt we fail in our Christian walk, it is true, but it does not take you out of the game. Repent of the sin of doubt and move on for the glory of God. Believe more, doubt less.

We are designed to be a light to the lost. Belief makes the light brighter while doubt is like a dimmer switch which causes the light to shine less. Stand strong in your belief and fight against the doubt that Satan whispers in your ear. Remember he is a liar.

Also remember this, our good works or deeds come from our belief.

I am a believer, how about you?