Nov. 4th, 2018 The Good Samaritan with a Modern Twist

Sermon by David Thompson


The Good Samaritan with a Modern Twist


Luke 10:25-37


The modern version: A man from the city lost his job and fell on hard times. He was unable to find work and he and his 2nd wife had 3 children to care for. One child was of mixed race from his first marriage. Because his employer had accused him of stealing he was not able to draw unemployment and his wife had recently undergone surgery for cancer and was unable to work. They found themselves unable to pay their bills and were on the verge of being evicted from the house they were renting.

They had no family to help them until they could get back on their feet. They tried many social service and charitable organizations but still they were unable to manage the situation. They were not connected to any religious organization and had run out of options. The husband had begun to contemplate hanging himself in hopes that his small life insurance policy would take care of his family where he could not.

Word got out through the local gossip line about their plight. The pastor of the local Baptist church heard the news. He shook his head and said to himself “if this family had more moral character maybe I would have taken this to my church and we would help them. But since he is on his second marriage and is evidently a thief I do not think we should help. What would the public think?”

Word about the family also reached one of the elders of the church. The elder thought about the church and knew the family as he had seen them in the local grocery store several times. He said to himself, “this is very sad, but they have brought this upon themselves and I have a reputation to keep and should not get mixed up with this sort of people.”

Finally, there was a small business owner who heard about the family’s situation from one of the neighbors who knew the family. He thought to himself what if that was my family and had compassion for them. He had a job opening it was not the best job but still it would help the man put food on the table. He went to visit the them and when he saw how bad it really was he could do more. He owned a rental house that he used as an extra income source and right now it was empty. The business owner gave the man the job and helped him move his family into the rental house. He paid the remaining bills owed to the present landlord. The business owner’s wife took the children shopping for new clothes and bought food so that the family would have plenty to eat. The businessman and his wife then invited

the man and his family to attend church with them.

Who do you think was the good neighbor?

There are opportunities for all of us to be good neighbors but first we need to get past ourselves.

  1. Stop judging
  2. Don’t listen to gossip
  3. Don’t worry about what others think
  4. Show the same compassion that Christ showed for you


Now go and do likewise.